Eagle Point Omnium Gap RR P/B First Endurance

Race #1

The Gap Road Race

May 15, 2021

Course Details:

The Gap Road Race will challenge even the best all-round riders to a true test of climbing but those not light will have time to ride back on  the rolling to downhill ride back to the start line. This course has something for everyone.

Most categories will race two laps while the Pro Cat 1-2 Men will race three laps.  This will determine who will go into day two as the omnium overall leader.

Race Type and Start Times:

  • Race Type – This is a mass start with riders going off in waves, only Road Bikes will be allowed
  • Race is limited to 250 total riders
  • See General Information for categories and entry fees
  • Start wave times will be posted online and emailed to riders at the close of online registration
Gap Road Race    
CategoryLapsMilesStart Time 
Pro Cat 1/2 Men3759:00 AM 
Cat 3 Men2509:10 AM 
Cat 4 Men2509:15 AM 
Cat 5 Men 35-1259:20 AM 
Cat 5 Men 35+1259:20 AM 
40+ Master Men2509:30 AM 
50+ Master Men2509:35 AM 
60+ Master Men2509:40 AM 
70+ Master Men2509:40 AM 
Pro 1-2-3 Women2509:50 AM 
Cat 3-4-5 Women1259:55 AM 
40+ Master Women1259:55 AM 
Circuit Race   Wave #
Pro Cat 1/2 Men45610:30 AM2
Cat 3 Men45610:30 AM2
Cat 4 Men3428:00 AM1
Cat 5 Men 35-2288:30 AM1
Cat 5 Men 35+2288:30 AM1
40+ Master Men45610:30 AM2
50+ Master Men45610:30 AM2
60+ Master Men3428:00 AM1
70+ Master Men3428:0 AM1
Pro 1-2-3 Women34210:30 AM2
Cat 3-4-5 Women2288:00 AM1
40+ Master Women2288:00 AM1
Note: Wave Time with each group starting with 5 min gaps    


Parking and Rest Rooms:

  • Eagle Fuel Stop

Camping and Hotel Options:

Results and Podiums:

  • TBD

Special Notes:

  • Covid 19 procedures may be in effec10